Use your intuition : locate an archeological object 2/2

The table below represents the geographical sub-marine excavation area that will be searched by Anao at the end of 2016.

Only Anao’s executive committee is aware of the actual map, with the precise location and delimitation of the excavation area. All intuitives – you included – will do a blind localization on a virgin map. Being blind fosters the intuitive process.

The upper part of the virgin map corresponds to the northern part of the actual map.

On this table – or virgin map – locate where the Project Oracle divers will find the archeological object(s) that are searched for as part of Project Oracle 2 in 2016.

Please keep this intention within yourself while doing the intuitive localization. You can tick up to 6 boxes. It’s better if the ticked boxes are concentrated in the same area. However, you’ve got the choice to tick the boxes you want (as long as you don’t tick more than 6).


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